About Us

Smellzone is a venture set up by Mr. Himanshu Dutta in the year 2020. Himanshu is a Fragrance Influencer who always had a keen interest in fragrances and was fascinated by the fact that fragrances are so effective in transforming moods and have a soothing effect on our well-being. This fact was enough for him to start to deliver quality in the form of various perfumes.
Himanshu also has a YouTube channel since 2018 and he shares top secrets of the perfume world, there.

We Are On A Roll To Serve Your Senses

Fragrances and scented oils have been used since the dawn of human civilization, and evidence of their use dates back to ancient civilizations. The use of scented oils and perfumes has been well preserved and is still being used daily, which is not all that different from how we use them today.

When making perfumes, natural materials like flowers, grasses, spices, fruit, wood, roots, resins, balsams, leaves, gums, and animal secretions are combined with raw materials like alcohol, petrochemicals, coal, and coal tars. Some plants, like the lily of the valley, do not naturally produce oils. Only roughly 2,000 of the 250,000 flowering plants known to exist possess these essential oils. Therefore, it is necessary to use synthetic compounds to mimic the scents of non-oily items. Synthetics can also provide unique scents that are not present in nature.

Some smells, aromatic oils, and ittars have been recovered by steeping rose petals, leaves, or any other fragrant plant or extracting gum and sap from trees, as in the case of myrrh. The interchange of spices, essential oils, and unusual plants that might be used to make perfume served as the foundation for the trade routes. The perfume industry took off in the 19th century, as it is recognized today.

Chemical advancements at this time allowed for greater distribution and the creation of larger quantities. Before this, small private batches of fragrances, aromatic oils, and ittars were made home.


The new frontiers being investigated by the business include perfume to heal, help people feel happy, and enhance intersex relationships. The right brain, which controls emotions, memory, and creativity, is thought to be involved in the sense of smell. To assist balance of hormones and body energy, aromatherapy—the practice of inhaling oils and scents to treat physical and emotional problems—is reviving itself. According to the principle underlying aromatherapy, utilizing essential oils topically or through inhalation strengthens the immune system. One’s mood is impacted by the smell of sweet things, which can also be employed as psychotherapy. Like aromatherapy, more study is being done to create human perfume—the body odors we emit to entice or repel other people.


Our goal is to offer the finest fragrances extracted using natural methods that are real, unadulterated, and don’t hurt the environment. We are environmentally conscious and never use plastic products.

At Smellzone, we assist you in recognizing scents and creating an olfactory memory for the following years. Mr. Himanshu Dutta established it on July 1st, 2020. It is a proprietorship-style company. The followings are the goods and services we offer:-